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Plastic Surgery involves many choices. The first and most important choice that you can make is who your Plastic Surgeon is going to be:

  • Do you want a Plastic Surgeon that is on the Specialist Register of the Irish Medical Council or a Doctor who is not?
  • Do you want a Plastic Surgeon that has been trained in a recognised training programme under the control of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Great Britain (or similar) or a Doctor who has had no recognised or formal training?
  • Do you want a Plastic Surgeon who has passed the intercollegiate final exams and after whose name the letters FRCS (Plast) appear or one who has no surgical credentials at all?  (A small number of older well established Plastic Surgeons do not hold the FRCS (Plast) as they qualified before the introduction of this exam.)
  • Do you want a Surgeon who is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon appointed to a University Teaching Hospital or eligible to apply for such a position and working and living in Ireland to take care of you or a Doctor who flies in to do operations and then flies back home the evening of your surgery?
  • Do you want to meet your Plastic Surgeon at your first consultation so he or she can explain a procedure based on personal experience or do you want to be seen by a Nurse Practitioner or Counsellor?
  • Do you want your Plastic Surgeon to be a member of multiple officially recognised Plastic Surgical Associations in Ireland, Britain and internationally which are recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Britain or a Doctor who is a member of other lesser organisations?
  • Do you want to be taken care of by a Plastic Surgeon who is proud of his own practise or be treated by a company whose primary aim is financial gain and who pays Doctors to do operations?

Clearly everyone will want the best Plastic Surgeon available and clearly the best is described by the first part of all the questions above.


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